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Sunday, April 20, 2008: 2nd European Day of Dialogue between Cultures

Is it is only by collisions, ethnic wars and discrimination that cultures can be an associative?

This is what shows us that this system is the name of the economy and fails by wanting to win by military violence or psychological.

Convergence of Cultures

We, we say that a culture develops when it is first concerned with the human being, when it recognizes that it is a path of liberation among many, when it stands out for its spirit and not by violence, when it can move towards dialogue and peace.

April 20, for the second time, the Centers of Cultures of Europe organize the European Day of dialogue between cultures.

That day, we will build bridges between cultures. We will call to testify cultures of their humanism and unite their voices in a common message of peace and nonviolence:

  • for the Palestinian people, Tibetan, Kenya, etc.. that gets locked behind walls or in indifference,
  • for the peoples of Latin America and the hope they give us in Bolivia and elsewhere,
  • for African crossing the ocean on his boat property,
  • for the young who bangs every day to mistrust and lack of future
  • for “without papers” who lives in fear of control,
  • the activist who is against the dictatorship of individualism and against defamation of cynical and disillusioned.

We affirm that all that is good is not imposed by force: the only solution to the global crisis and we are experiencing personal, is the active non-violence, which will bring us to reconciliation between peoples.

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The Strength of Diversity

Today, all cultures are in contact with each other, all influence each other. These contacts give rise to even the emergence of new cultures.

The tendency to globalize these relationships, to standardize cultures to match a dominant model is generating enormous violence that is perceived in tendencies toward bigotry or declining community. These attitudes are only fueling the widely publicized “clash of civilizations” idea that cultures are unable to agree among themselves.

This gross lie of the confrontation of cultures used for political, economic or religious. It is also easy to assign blame and focus distrust, discredit and resentment toward groups other than those responsible, or at least complicit, in this situation. In truth, people have a positive experience of reconciliation with other cultures. And it is only through this dialogue we can find solutions to major human problems that affect our planet beyond the barriers of prejudice and build new relationships in which the culture will become a future project, and will not be limited to a lot of traditions to maintain at all costs.

It is through dialogue that we will give answers to all forms of discrimination: how can we imagine that some people would come out but that discrimination would continue for the other? How can we believe that it is for each community or group to solve the issues of immigration, refugees, etc.. without developing a force larger and can not be offered a new policy of international cooperation? How to enforce human rights if we do not defend systematically every human being, whether or not the same community as mine, or not to undergo the same violence as me?

The Center of Cultures contributes to:

To promote dialogue that cultures value and thereby recognize the value of others. In this sense, we focus on the emergence of ideas, beliefs and attitudes of every humanistic culture.

Disseminate ideas and values of universal humanism as cement for the construction of universal human culture, which is already emerging in the heart of the new generations.

Deepening active nonviolence as the only method of action. Question the values and actions that support the current system and that generate discrimination and violence.

Create support networks beyond differences, to fight effectively against discrimination and to support all campaigns for human rights: the struggle for human rights is to fight for the rights of all men.

A project on the planet

In 1995, the first Center of Cultures began to develop in order to respond to cultural violence. They were created in cities like New York, Madrid, Bombay, Zurich, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Milan, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, among other Abidjan.

Today, the Center of Cultures in Europe, Latin America, Asia, North America and Africa to coordinate regional campaigns and for the realization of regional forums. They allow that experiences, styles and actions converge towards common goals, each time more inviting new community groups or multicultural.

Universal Humanism

“Universal Humanism, also called New Humanism, is characterized by emphasizing the humanist attitude. This attitude is not a philosophy but a perspective, a sensitivity and a way to live the relationship with other human beings. The universalist humanism asserts that in all cultures, in their best moment of creativity, humanistic attitude permeates the social environment. Thus, we reject discrimination, wars and violence in general. Freedom of ideas and beliefs is a strong impulse, which in turn motivates research and creativity in science, arts, and other social expressions. In all cases, universal humanism does not offer neither abstract nor a dialogue between cultures but institutional agreement on basic points and mutual collaboration between representatives of different cultures, based in humanist moments symmetrical. “Dictionary of New Humanism – Humanistic Study

Center – Moscow

In today’s society, social interaction between different cultures is an everyday occurrence. But what is extraordinary about this historic moment is that this is a time of globalization where all cultures come together and influence each other like never before.

It is important to distinguish between these processes of globalization and increasing globalization. The famous if globalization is nothing other than the traditional behavior driven What imperial centers. As has happened many times in history, these empires settle, grow and make other people depend on it, trying to impose their language, their customs, their clothing, supplies and all their codes. Finally, these imperialist structures end up generating violence and chaos, by their contempt naive and cultural confrontation. Today necessary training forums in which ideas, beliefs and humanist attitudes of each culture can be taken as they are found in the heart of different peoples and individuals beyond any difference. In general terms, the Center of Cultures aims to facilitate and foster dialogue between cultures, to fight against discrimination and violence and to bring the message of the New Humanism country of origin of those involved.

Activities for dialogue between cultures

  • Participation and organization of events to denounce discrimination against minorities.
  • Production of our own communication media (community newspapers, radio and TV, web pages).
  • Establishment of common international campaigns with other Cultures Centre.
  • Communication workshops and exchange on the humanistic aspects of our cultures, the methodology of nonviolence and non-discrimination.
  • Organization of discussion forums, conferences, intercultural encounters.
  • Creation of new Center of Cultures in cities in France and abroad.
  • During tutoring, literacy, legal advice, assistance to undocumented …
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Welcome to the Center of Cultures

The Center of Cultures denounces the NMD (National Missile Defense – missile space shield) of the U.S. and the installation of a base in the Czech Republic. These missiles directed at the Muslim world, Russia and China generate an atmosphere of “cold war”. International tension and the clash of cultures increases. A crazy arms race (both conventional and nuclear) has restarted it and above thus laying the basis for the control and the militarization of space.

Call to MEPs

In May 2008, a draft directive on the retention and expulsion of foreigners will be submitted to Parliament.

Since 1990, the European governments led by the immigration and asylum has led to a continuous reduction of the guarantees and fundamental protections of individuals. Europe turns into a fortress and padlocked implements disproportionate means to prevent access to its territory and expel undocumented.

The draft directive, if adopted, would constitute a new regression.

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